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Teen Night Out - a Wizardly Murder Mystery event

Teen Night Out - a Wizardly Murder Mystery event

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About the Event

Murder at the School of  Magic & Wizardry adventure offers a unique blend of mystery, magic, and interactive storytelling, providing an unforgettable experience for teen Harry Potter fans. Whether you’re a seasoned detective or a casual fan, this event promises to enchant and entertain, leaving you with magical memories and new friendships forged in the spirit of adventure and intrigue.

What's included:

  • Assigned characters ahead of event
  • Three hours hosted event
  • Prizes awarded to winners 
  • Water & Slice of pizza included

Important info

Attendees are requested to arrive at 6pm at Conworlds Emporium, located at 9 S Safford Ave in downtown Tarpon Springs.

Guests are invited to embrace their roles and don their finest attire to enhance the immersive experience. 

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