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Introducing Palm Pals - the cutest, quirkiest crew of play pals around! With charm, charisma and cuteness to spare, Palm Pals are ready to party with you! Create your own collection of slow sloths, sweet strawberries and all-around amazing characters - each with their own unique, off-the-wall personality. Don't worry, new Palm Pals are joining the fun all the time, so your bestie band will never break up! Get your Palm Pal squad growing, and find the perfect pals to match your style.

This plucky 5" AX OLOTL is ready to cuddle up and party! Its soft plush exterior is just the thing to promote a chill evening. Perfect for taking on a stroll or just snuggling up on the couch (and occasionally singing a duet and/or dramatically reenacting classic plays). Enjoy some plush adventures with this adorable amphibian!

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