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Adventures of the Precious Knights - Signed Copy

Adventures of the Precious Knights - Signed Copy

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Sir Gold, Sir Silver, and Sir Rusty are brave knights and best friends who fiercely protect Castle Precious and the villagers of Everbright from the scourge of terrifying stripy dragons.

One day while on their way back to the castle, the knights find a newly hatched baby stripy dragon crying for its mother and decide to adopt him so they can learn more about the sworn mortal enemies of the land. As the little dragon grows bigger and stronger from a diet of strawberry tarts, the knights anxiously wait to see if he can really help them in their quest to better understand the flying fiery reptiles.

In this delightful children's story, a trio of knights sworn to protect their mystical land from scary creatures adopt a baby dragon who helps educate them about his reptilian traits.

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