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Australian Koala Bear in Leaves Lapel Enamel Pin for Hats

Australian Koala Bear in Leaves Lapel Enamel Pin for Hats

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“The koala thinks the day is for sleeping; the night for living.” –Thomas Wood

Koalas are adorable, nocturnal, vegetarian marsupials from Australia. While they may look cute, these little ones can be aggressive when provoked. Our cute koala pin has beautiful gold detailing with a content koala chilling in some foliage

KOALA PIN – Adorable, happy koala sits in a thicket of gold and green leaves. This button-sized pin is super cute and catches the light in a stunning way.

PERFECT SIZE – 1.3” tall, hard enamel pin makes the perfect addition to a jacket or bag or as part of a pin collection

PREMIUM QUALITY LAPEL PIN – We go above and beyond to use the highest quality material, including real gold, to deliver the best product to you.

DOUBLE-POSTED – We use two spikes to be more secure, with metal butterfly claps prevent spinning and loss.

AMERICAN BRAND – Real Sic is based in Atlanta and sells Unisex fashion accessories for the sickest people on planet earth, our customers

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