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Harry Potter: Magical Color-Changing Hogwarts Candle

Harry Potter: Magical Color-Changing Hogwarts Candle

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This uniquely crafted candle lets your HOGWARTS™ pride shine, with its magical color-changing wax.

A MAGICAL SURPRISE: Light the candle and watch the wax magically change from white to one of the Hogwarts™ house colors - red for house Gryffindor™, blue for house Ravenclaw™, yellow for house Hufflepuff™, and green for house Slytherin™. The surprise of which house color your candle will turn will not be revealed until it is burned.

REUSABLE GLASS JAR AND CORK LID: The candle is housed inside an apothecary-style glass jar with stunning gold foil decal and includes a cork lid with coordinating design. Once you've finished burning your candle, the jar can be washed with warm water and soap, and reused to store coins, paper clips, and other small accessories.

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