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Harry Potter Professor McGonagall Hat

Harry Potter Professor McGonagall Hat

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Everyone has their Harry Potter allegiances. Some think Dumbledore was the best, some think he probably could have left a post-it note from time to time, to clarify a whole lot of things. Some think Snape was a tragic character, and some think he was irredeemably the worst. But you know one thing no one questions? That Minerva McGonagall was maybe the greatest character throughout the entire series.

And why not? She was unquestionably brave, brilliant, hard on all the students but also unshakably supportive when the time came. So pay homage to the character everyone can fan over by picking up this Professor McGonagall Hat and wearing it just like the boss she was. Trust us, it’ll give you the confidence to put your mean and unreasonable professors in place, or to take on Voldemort himself.

With an adjustable brim and iconic feather, this witch hat will look good on anyone who wears, so long as they demonstrate the same bravery and fortitude as McGonagall herself, should the situation

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