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Meranda the Merpanda

Meranda the Merpanda

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Join Meranda The Merpanda on a magical adventure under the sea!

One day while out picking flowers for her family, Meranda is surprised when a giant appears and tosses her into the sea!

How does Meranda find her way home again?

What magical things help her on her journey?

Read this adorable rhyming picture book to find out!

Meranda The Merpanda is a book about a little girl who is taken by surprise when a terrible giant grabs her and throws her into the sea! Fortunately, she is able to use the power of a magical flower to turn into a Merpanda and swim back to safety. This story is about bravery and about discovering a love for things you didn't know how to do before.

An adorable rhyming story, this collaborative tale was written for kids, by kids. With the assistance of Award-Winning Children's Book Author Emily R. Baker; Ava Koulianos, Emery Wiese, Miya Potts, Olivia Lingenfelter, & Stella Higgins wrote and illustrated their very own fantastical children's story!

Perfect for early readers and listeners, this adorable story is a quick read that is sure to entertain and delight children of all ages, and makes the perfect bedtime story.

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