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Soul Enemy by JL Peak Signed Copy

Soul Enemy by JL Peak Signed Copy

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Soul Enemy takes you into a world of fantasy where all sorts of freakish creatures are found. It is a story of a family that gets broken due to an unfortunate turn of events where Saber, the only daughter of Joyce, gets taken away by the Sandman, whose evil plan to capture and end all the covid souls comes to fruition.

Joyce, who is already struggling with drug addiction, knows that Scythe, her son, is the only one who can bring her daughter back to Earth.

Join Scythe as he takes it upon himself to bring his sister’s soul back and attempts to reunite his family with his newfound partner in Hell, Katana. It is a story that depicts the strength of a mother’s love and resilience in the face of a corrupt leader who is drunk on his power. Dive into a world of fantasy and fiction and Scythe’s fight against the Soul Enemy.

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