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Squishmallows™ Mini 3.5 Inch Corduroy Sealife Clip-On Plush

Squishmallows™ Mini 3.5 Inch Corduroy Sealife Clip-On Plush

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Original Squishmallows™ Mini 3.5 Inch Corduroy Sealife Clip-On Plush Assortment

Dive into the textured wonders of the deep blue with the Original Squishmallows™ Mini 3.5 Inch Corduroy Sealife Clip-On Plush Assortment, where the mysteries of the ocean meet tactile delight!

These miniature marine wonders, from the majestic Orca to the playful Purple Octopus, are a treat for the eyes and a sensory delight, ensuring pocket-sized companionship and endless adventures for fans of all ages.

Key Features:

  • TEXTURED TREAT: Unique to Squishmallows, each plush in this collection boasts a soft corduroy fabric, adding a tactile dimension to your cuddling experience. Feel the gentle ridges and let the material bring a comforting touch to every interaction.
  • MINIATURE MARVELS: Featuring the Orca, Dark Pink Shrimp, Green Sea Turtle, Brown Walrus, Purple Octopus, and Teal Stingray, this assortment captures the beauty and charm of sealife in adorable miniaturized form.
  • CLIP-ON COMPANIONS: These Squishmallows are not just plush toys; they're clip-on buddies ready to accompany you on any journey. Attach them to bags or keychains or even dangle them in a car.
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Embrace the authenticity with these officially licensed Squishmallows. Each plush carries the genuine mark of Squishmallows quality, ensuring you get a product that's true to the brand's legacy of softness and craftsmanship.
  • COLLECT AND SHOWCASE: Beyond their clip-on convenience, these plushies are collectibles that can be showcased in many creative ways, adding a touch of oceanic charm wherever they hang.
  • EASY MERCHANDISING: With their adaptable clip-on design and hangtags, these plushies are ideal for inventive displays. Dangle them on decorative vines, peg them on boards, or even create a cascading sealife chain in-store, ensuring they capture attention and imagination.

Bring the ocean to life with Squishmallows™ Mini Corduroy Sealife Clip-On Plush. Order now for tactile excitement and creative adventures!

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