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Summer Break Youth Business Workshops

Summer Break Youth Business Workshops

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Conworlds Emporium invites you to an unforgettable Summer Break, four-day Youth Business Workshop to embark on a transformative journey towards entrepreneurship. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, aspiring business leader, or simply curious about the world of business, this workshop offers invaluable learning experiences and opportunities. 

- Engage in practical workshops covering essential business topics such as marketing strategies, financial management, product/service development, and website creation. 
- Collaborate with peers to brainstorm ideas, solve challenges, and develop actionable business plans.

Expert Mentorship:
- Benefit from guidance and insights from experienced entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and business mentors.
- Receive personalized feedback and advice to refine business concepts and strategies.

Fun and Engaging Environment:
- Enjoy a dynamic and supportive learning environment filled with activities & team challenges
- Foster friendships, creativity, and a sense of community with fellow participants.

This workshop is recommended for youth ages 10+. The workshop includes a daily snack and water. Please bring a packed lunch, as we do have a refrigerator. 

Each workshop attendee will create a website and custom domain for their business, which can be transferred to parents upon completion of the weekly workshop. Monthly fees may be required for the website to continue, annual renewal of custom domain will be required to retain ownership.

Required materials: children must bring a laptop for some of the work required. Contact us if you do not have one available, and we will accommodate if possible.

  • June 3rd thru 6th, 10am - 2pm
  • July 8th thru 11th, 10am - 2pm


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