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Waterproof Clear Plastic Playing Cards

Waterproof Clear Plastic Playing Cards

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I Can See Clearly Now

Nothing is worse than when you're playing a card game and a rogue spill or pair of sticky fingers ruins some of the cards. Card games are one of the staples of vacation/travel time, so why not get some cards that can handle the use? The Brybelly Waterproof Plastic Playing Cards are great for roadtrip, outdoor or even poolside play. Made from a durable plastic, our cards don't rip or tear. They also are smooth and flexible, so dealing and shuffling is a breeze. Dirt and mud have no place here, so we made our cards easily washable. Wipe them off when needed and then get right back to playing! Just because these cards are clear doesn't mean that your opponent can see what you're holding. Each card's number, suit and face are obscured behind an opaque layout, which means the only person that knows what you're holding is you.

Why You'll Love It

These cards were designed with the elements in mind. Never worry about making a mess when playing with these cards. Easily take them on the go with an included hard plastic carrying case that keeps the cards protected and securely in place!

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